Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hair Trial, Take Two

A couple of months ago, I attempted to have my first hair trial. Things didn't work out that night or with that hairdresser, but I did meet with a new hairdresser on Monday. She seemed very nice, although I think my sister's boss described her best (she's my sister's boss' hairdresser) - she's got a big personality.

She did a good job on translating the photos I'd brought along into a style that worked for me and my hair. I particularly love what she had to do to my hair to make it curly! :)

My nephew thought it was the funniest thing - he kept pointing my crazy hair out to his mama.

This is more like what I'll actually be doing. On the wedding day, she's going to bring the mass of hair further out and down, so it's more like a bun with lots of curly bits. Then, I think I'm pretty much decided on the white gardenia hairpiece, probably on the top left or right.

I'm pretty happy with it. And glad that's one more thing taken care of!

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