Friday, March 19, 2010

Rainy/Productive Monday

The other day, Justin and I ended up home together - him on spring break, my meetings canceled due to the crappy weather. We decided to run some wedding errands. And run some wedding errands we did!

Tasks accomplished:
  • Changed his tux jacket style to shadow stripe (photos here)
  • Bought a big "S" and a big "J" for the backs of our chairs at the head table
  • Bought 3 spools of ribbon for various things: tying rings to ring "pillow" (which is really a big shell), tying letters to chairs, wrapping bridesmaid bouquets
  • Bought 2 fake rings for ring shell (since our ring bearers are aged 2 and 4, it seemed safest to entrust the real rings to the Best Man)
  • Bought 7 blue silk hydrangeas and 7 white silk hydrangeas for pew decorations (the latter on sale - we saved around $14 on them!)
  • Bought floral shears for silk and fresh flower arranging
  • Bought a wooden trunk/suitcase for a card box
  • Bought a few other odds & ends, some of which cannot be revealed here in case b-maids are reading :)
It was a busy & productive day!

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