Monday, March 15, 2010

If you're given a great thing, why do anything else?

Words of wisdom. Mr. Groom and I currently live in a gorgeous 1860s-built brick house that's been converted into apartments. And the following images are from the foyer of the house. And since we live on the first floor, this beautiful foyer is right outside our door. Why wouldn't we take our before-the-ceremony pictures* here?!?

*Yes, we've decided to take the formal photos beforehand. We'd already planned to see each other before, then we realized that if we did all the formal photos then, we'd have more time at the cocktail hour. :)

Also - our house is 5 houses down from the church. So we'll have some people get ready here, we'll take lots of pretty pictures, and then we'll walk down the street to the church. Done & done.


Andrew said...

There will be ghosts in the pictures. So excited. And Jonathan Strange will walk out from the mirror right in the middle! yay!

Stacey said...

Haha, how amazing would that be? :)

You like the idea, yes? Also - ghosts aside, think of the ease of mimosa drinking and pastry nomming if our kitchen table is 10 feet from where we're taking the pictures!