Thursday, September 29, 2011

"And the Guests Never Notice"

Another amazing wedding comic from Wondermark (click to enlarge)!  One of the things I love most about APW is how the above kind of anxiety-inducing cultural misconceptions are, as they say, "shame-blasted" away.  Thanks, APW, for allowing us to all recognize that our weddings are not, in fact, things we can lose at (as long as we're true to ourselves, our partners, and our values).

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wedding-ing Up Our Walls

Sorry to be away for so very, very long.  However, Justin arrived home from his deployment on August 13th and we've spent the last month or so being married again.  :)  It's been lovely and crazy and everything else that homecomings are.  

But I'm back(ish) now and wanted to share one of our recent home decorating projects.  This kind of shizz is all we do now - ripping up carpets, assembling furniture, hanging pictures, etc.  I did a fair amount while Justin was gone, he's done a good amount since he's been back, and there's always more to do (the big jobs like stripping wallpaper, painting, and refinishing wood floors may have to wait until spring at this point).

We don't have too many of our wedding photos up in the house, but we hung four 8 x 10 ones in the stairway a few weeks ago.  The photos are below, as well as the original images, in case you find it hard to make out the pictures in the grainy photos below.  Can't imagine why.  :)

Also - see that top photo?  Now see how high up it is in the stairway?  We were too lazy to get the ladder up from the basement, so that nail got hammered in and that frame hung via a very hilarious and unsafe system, i.e. me up on Justin's shoulders.  !!!  Oh well, they all got hung and we're happy seeing our wedding pics every time we walk down the stairs now.