Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wisdom from the Maritimes

THIS. This is so perfect & important & just-plain-old something that needs to be said. It's about men and women and why the old stereotypes still stick. In an enlightened, modern world, why do men still call their wives "the old ball & chain"? Why do women still bitch about how messy or bad at listening their husbands are? Are these tropes real or are they constructs that obstruct us from acknowledging the real nuances and complexities of our romantic relationships?

I love how the post linked above confronts that question and comes down squarely on the side that my husband & I do. I probably don't need to tell you which side that is. ;) Here are some of my favorite parts of the post (which you should go read the entirety of):

The men I know are just as complex and flawed and generous and maddening as I am.
When women proclaim Male Pattern Dumbness as if I'm supposed to snort and agree, I pause and think of my sons and the partners they'll encounter. I expect as much kindness for them as I do from them. They are as much kings as any girl would be queen and what that means is all things sensible. If husbands are obligated to behave exactly as we want them to, then we're obligated to offer the same. What would your ideal behaviour be, as defined by the man in your life?
We're grown-ups. We chose our partners -- every aspect of them -- just as they chose us. Everyone compromises. That's why they call it love. Inept men are not foisted upon all of superior womanhood along with an avalanche of dirty socks.

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Story of Us, Part 1

Justin's cousin invited me to a girls' night at her apartment the other night, which was a lot of fun. I was talking to a couple of girls who I'd just met and realized that mine & Justin's story is rather a cute one.  

I also watched "When Harry Met Sally" the other night and realized how much I love the bits at the beginning & end when the couples tell their camera the stories of how they met, with sweet little interjections & interruptions.  Justin & I don't have that act down yet, but I'm sure we will be the time we're in our 70s.  ;)  So here's the short version of "our story" with another post to come about our first three dates in particular.

We first met in May 2008 & saw each other about once a week as friends that summer. We were on a weekly trivia team together. Justin was initially interested in our third team member, a then-friend of mine, when we first met. After a couple of weeks, though, they both had decided the spark wasn't there. By about mid-August, he & I were interested in each other, but not sure how much or how to begin things.

Eventually, after everyone knew we liked each other, we went on a proper date. And things fell neatly into place from there.  We said "I love you" at 1 month, "forever?" at 2 months, and answered that question with a ring around 3 months.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Can We Be Contenders?

This week, I submitted the above three photos in a photo contest held by the company from which we rented our tables, chairs, dance floor, dishes, etc.  If you're on Facebook (haha, who isn't?), won't you vote for us?  We could win $1K, which would be pretty sweet!  :)  

If you do want to help us out, click through to the company's FB page, hit "like" for the main page, then head over to the photo contest album and click "like" below each of our photos (currently the last 3 in the album).  And thanks!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Joy at the Reception

Gosh, there was so much that it's hard to sort through it all!  :)  However, here are some of the photos that I think best exemplify the joy & happiness we saw & experienced at our wedding reception.

Making my husband giggle during the cocktail hour bride & groom pics.
My college buds, Tim, John, and Shawn, looking snazzy during the cocktail hour.

Lovely Monica, in line for the bar.

Great smile from my friend Kate's wife Carrie, also in line for the bar.

My lovely friends Christie & Lissa.  I've known the girl on the left for 25 years and the one on the right for 15  :)
Our awesome groomsmen Andrew & Adam, posing by the rocks.

A big smile from my parents' friend Steve, who I've known since I was an infant.

Our best man Andrew, giving his awesome toast.
Which included a very, very inside joke.  Which is why Adam (foreground), Justin, and I are cracking up and everyone else looks confused.
My beautiful sister giving her toast - she officially handed off responsibility for looking after me to Justin.  :)
Andrew being Andrew, Adam's girlfriend Molly, me, Justin, and Adam.
My husband makes me laugh.  This was taken during our first dance.
Isn't he a handsome one?  I love his grins.
Adam & Molly grinning it up during the wedding party dance.
I forget why we were laughing when we cut the cake - probably too much cava at this point.
My littlest nephew/ring bearer, giggling at his cousin.
Rocking it with some of Justin's college friends.
My college friends getting down.
Justin's sisters (Becca, Heather, Holly) are good dancers!  :)
This should probably be titled "bliss," not "joy."  Just look at how happy my college friend Caron is, with a s'more in hand and a glass of wine on the table.
Small boys love fire.  And sweets.  Is it any wonder my oldest nephew is smiling?
My mother-in-law and sister-in-law having fun.
And the same of my silly sisters-in-law.
Don't know what my college girls (Becca, Natalie, Caron, Melissa) were smiling at, but they look happy.  :)
Big grins from Tina & Becca.
The dance floor rocking.  Love the smile on Molly's face here.
My pops, bellying up to the bar.  :)
My young cousins, dancing up a storm.
Kate & Carrie, married for 2 years & 12 days as of our wedding day.
Sweet smile on my best friend Rachel's face (and on that of our dear friend Jim, as well!).
Haha, love this one.  This, apparently, is my reaction when I realize that every friend of ours on the dance floor just watched us kiss.
As is this.
My wonderful college friends, all giddy & silly in the moonlight.