Friday, January 21, 2011

The Story of Us, Part 1

Justin's cousin invited me to a girls' night at her apartment the other night, which was a lot of fun. I was talking to a couple of girls who I'd just met and realized that mine & Justin's story is rather a cute one.  

I also watched "When Harry Met Sally" the other night and realized how much I love the bits at the beginning & end when the couples tell their camera the stories of how they met, with sweet little interjections & interruptions.  Justin & I don't have that act down yet, but I'm sure we will be the time we're in our 70s.  ;)  So here's the short version of "our story" with another post to come about our first three dates in particular.

We first met in May 2008 & saw each other about once a week as friends that summer. We were on a weekly trivia team together. Justin was initially interested in our third team member, a then-friend of mine, when we first met. After a couple of weeks, though, they both had decided the spark wasn't there. By about mid-August, he & I were interested in each other, but not sure how much or how to begin things.

Eventually, after everyone knew we liked each other, we went on a proper date. And things fell neatly into place from there.  We said "I love you" at 1 month, "forever?" at 2 months, and answered that question with a ring around 3 months.

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