Sunday, July 25, 2010

High Praise Indeed

So a friend & wedding guest wrote me a message a few weeks ago. She knew we'd put a lot of time & effort into the wedding planning and she took the time to tell me each & every detail that she loved. :) I was so touched that she had done that, and I wanted to highlight a particularly nice thing she said at the end:
i like the way you guys didn't do a lot of pomp & circumstance. i'm not anti pomp & circumstance, but it just felt very you guys the way you did everything, and i think it's quite admirable that you were able to keep so much of yourselves in an event like a wedding.

Friday, July 16, 2010


We had some lovely toasts directed at us at the reception - a charming toast from my dear father, a funny & silly one from our best man, and a very sweet (slightly teasing) one from my big sister. I also gave a toast, but as I'd forgotten to print mine (I had a few other things on my mind in the days leading up to the wedding!), I shot from the hip a bit and left out a few things I'd meant to say. Oh well.

If you're interested in reading the beat man's toast, he posted it on his blog last week. He also framed his notes and gave them to us as a small part of his wedding gift. My favorite part of his toast? Might be when he said Justin was loyal, passionate, intelligent, and I was three times as much of each. ;) Just kidding!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Snapshots from a Wedding

And we're back! Since my computer crashed two days before the wedding (!), I had to wait until that got sorted to post any pics. The old one is completely dead, but thanks to the generosity of our wedding guests, we were able to buy me a brand new one!

Hence, posting again and wedding pictures galore. At last count, there were over 400 photos of the wedding weekend - and that's just on Facebook! We should be getting the official photos any day now . . .

So, before delving into recaps and insight, here's an utterly random sample of my favorite wedding photos. Be forewarned - there are 23. ;)

Sit Up & Take Notice

Well, we're back safely from our honeymoon and I promise pictures soon. But. I had to share this quote from A Practical Wedding that touched me deeply and reminded me of just what it was that Justin and I were promising each other two weeks ago tomorrow.
And all that reminded me of what all of this is about. It’s about promising to be each others family. It’s about being there through all the births, the infertility, the parenthood. Being there through all the illnesses, the hospitalisations, the tests, the fear, and the pain. It’s about being there until we die. It’s about putting each other into the ground.