Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dress Drama, Over!

On Monday, Justin and I walked out the door of our apartment to head out to various stores. As we did, I remembered that my dress was supposed to be delivered that day and said, "Hey - no dress yet . . . " and trailed off. The box was leaning against the outside of the door. Yay!

When we got home, I took the dress out of its box and garment bag - it was the right color! Checked the tag - it was the right size! Tried it on - it fit like a dream. While still knocking on wood, I think I can safely say that the dress drama is pretty much over. :)

Plus, what I didn't tell you before was how wonderful the J. Crew bridal staff at the SoHo store were. I got the dress on sale (for $200) last year when I first bought it. I suspected with the size exchange that I'd have to pay the current price, which was $295. However, after my wrong-color dress debacle, I think the gods at J. Crew decided to smile on me. In the end, the SoHo store staff (say that three times fast!) sold me the dress for the original $200 sale price AND waived the $13.50 shipping. Truly awesome.

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