Tuesday, March 30, 2010

You're Invited!

(to wait around patiently while we finish our invitations)

Sorry for the silence over the last few days. We've spent much of the weekend printing, assembling, stamping, and embellishing our invitations - 101 in all! Technically, 102, but we gave my parents their invite awhile ago because we wanted them to see it in person sooner.

Promise more posts this week, on the invites themselves, my shoes, and the guestbook (both of which arrived in the mail last week!). Stay tuned.

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Kelly said...

I found your blog through APW. And the first post you have is about invites. I think I'm finishing ours this week and it's SUCH A RELIEF. I really love spending hours with paper so no complaints there, but I have to say that I'm also excited to be able to start working on the wedding day itself.

Happy inviting!