Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Most Calm Bachelorette Party Ever

Ahhh. This is what it's like to have friends who know you so well that you barely have to tell them what you want, and they provide it. After a few email exchanges, my two best friends/bridesmaids have planned a lovely weekend in New York City for my bachelorette party.

We'll be staying at my friend R's apartment (I think she's kicking out her boyfriend for the weekend) and the main event will be a nice dinner out on Saturday night at Landmarc Restaurant at the Time Warner Center. This is the one thing I really wanted - a nice long dinner with lots of wine and some of my favorite ladies in the world.

The girls all know me pretty well, so I'm not expecting tiaras or boas or anything shaped like the reproductive organs of the male of the human species (that's the most PG way I could think of to state it). I'm just really looking forward to getting to spend some time with these lovely ladies in NYC!


Andrew said...

This makes me laugh. Wer will know no part of the bachelor party, except the day (so for to not be in a job somewhere). There shall be many abductions, and much rejoicing. Yay.

Emphemerella said...

I'm so sorry I'm not going got be able to make it... afterword, we'll have to get drunk and relive old times as old married ladies. :) love you