Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hair Trial Update

My hair trial was supposed to be last night. Unfortunately, the hairdresser was unable to make it due to a family issue. Luckily, it was scheduled to be at my sister's house and so Justin & I ended up just having a nice dinner with my sister, her husband & sons, and my parents.

We also passed around the eight (!!!) pages of images I had printed, so everyone could see what I was thinking for hairstyles and offer their two cents. I was surprised by the interest that my father, brother-in-law, fiance, and even 4-year old nephew took in the wedding hair!

Thanks to everyone's help, I've narrowed the bridal style down a bit and gotten some sense of a style for the bridesmaids. Below, I've posted the "crowd favorites." I've lost most of the photo IDs, but the bulk of them came from The Knot or Project Wedding.



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