Monday, January 11, 2010

Unrealistic Expectations

A few weeks ago, I read the following in a wedding blog which I like (and will not therefore name): "I bought a dress . . . that was beautiful and cheap and made my mom cry - but it didn't make me swoon."

And my jaw dropped. "Come on," I cried aloud to the empty air (Justin wasn't home at the time), "we have to literally swoon in order to know we like our wedding dress?!?!?"

A bit of a harsh reaction, I know. It was more out of disbelief than disdain, I swear. However, I still think the foundation of that reaction is sound. Even after spending the last thirteen months in the trenches of wedding planning (with five more to go!), I cannot process the idea that a women must see an flock of doves descending from heaven in order to know that her wedding dress is THE ONE. Isn't it our new spouses that deserve that kind of heavenly sign? ;)

All kidding aside, I worry about those who put too much pressure on themselves and their weddings to fulfill every dream they ever had of a fairytale wedding. According to the quote above, the dress was beautiful and cheap and made the bride-to-be's mother cry. Why can't that be enough?

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