Sunday, January 31, 2010

What a Wedding Week!

Try saying that three times fast! I think I panicked a bit when we hit the "five months to go!" mark on Tuesday of this past week. I started contacting vendors like crazy and this week got real busy real fast.

In the last seven days, we've done something, whether it's major or minor, with the following features of the wedding:
  • My dress: buying it a year in advance finally caught up to me and I no longer fit very well in it! Luckily, it's from J. Crew, so I'm exchanging the one I have for a larger size. Cost a bit of extra $ unfortunately (I got the dress on sale the first time around), but what can you do?
  • Tuxes: signed, sealed, delivered! Well, not really, but Justin & I made a trip to Mens Wearhouse, picked out the tux styles, got him measured, and paid for his! Now, to let the other two groomsmen know . . . (to the Best Man, who is assuredly reading this, it's ok if you get yours when you get back from Russia!)
  • Cake: we met with a baker over the weekend, did a tasting, brainstormed an order, and pending parental approval & payment, that's done!
  • Transport: after emailing a local trolley company, got their brochure with pricing and decided it's fairly reasonable. Next step is to sort out details and book!
  • Honeymoon: will write a full post on this soon, but in short, we changed our honeymoon location (for the second time), booked the hotel rooms, and have already begun the honeymoon registry. Yikes!
  • Wedding night room: booked a deluxe room at a local, ritzy hotel for the night. Done & done!
  • Bridesmaid shoes: went back and forth with the ladies about colors, but have decided upon silver and will inform them this week and give them the go-ahead to buy.
  • Bachelorette party: the hosting b-maid emailed to get a final guest list and we began tossing dates around. This will probably get sorted in the next couple of weeks.
  • Day-of coordinator: decided to price day-of coordinators to minimize our stress on, well, the day of. Some were crazy expensive - I got a quote for $1600! - but some were reasonable. I'm having a phone chat with the $300 lady tomorrow.
  • Flowers: the florist left a message while I was at work on Thursday. Will call her this week.
  • Rental of dance floor, table, chairs, china, etc: we have to rent these things for our venue and are heading to the rental place tomorrow to scope out items and prices.
Whew! And all of this is in addition to my working three jobs, Justin attending school full-time, and the two of us hosting a game night on Friday and attending our nephews' birthday party on Sunday! All good & lovely things, but yikes - this week was busy, son.


Andrew said...

Alright, really weird feeling to be reading along and to see instead of a vaguely hypothetical "two groomsmen" a note directed at me! haha.

It's like when I'm reading. I never get offended by a readerly "you," because I construct an imaginary person sitting next to me...the author's never saying "YOU" to me, just the person next to me. But. There's. No one else...

Andrew said...

P.S. Ace of Cakes!?

Maybe you could get Adam to 1) drive up and 2) take a side-trip through Baltimore. And then you can have a cake that's styled like the U.S.S. Constitution perched on top of the Eye of Sauron! Yea! doooooooooo it!

Stacey said...

Haha, sorry to have startled you, monkey.

I, naturally, LOVE the idea of a Constitution-atop-the-Eye-of-Sauron, but you know that Baltimore is south of Adam and his destination, right? ;)