Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Bridesmaid Dresses - In Person!

Ta-da! Here is one of my bridesmaid dresses, hanging in the changing room of the J.Crew store in SoHo. I was in NYC for New Year's with one of my 'maids and we headed down to the store on Saturday afternoon. She tried on the Sophia and liked it, so she ordered one.

I loved seeing the dress in person (clearly, since I took a picture with my camera phone). I have a swatch of the Mediterranean Blue color and I know what the fabric is like, since my dress is made of the same. I've also seen a photo of my sister in her dress. But, until this weekend, I hadn't ever seen the dress itself in person.

I was also a tad concerned about the color. A friend who is getting married this spring/early summer bought this dress for her maid of honor and didn't like the color when it arrived. I can see where she's coming from - the dress is definitely darker in person than online or in the swatch. However, I like this darker blue quite a bit.

As of now, I know for a fact that three of four bridesmaids/groomswomen have bought their dresses and am waiting to hear back from the fourth. With under six months to go, I'm happy to know that those ducks are almost all in line!

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