Tuesday, January 12, 2010

NH Seacoast Bridal Show

If any of you wedding-planning readers live near the New Hampshire Seacoast, the University of New Hampshire is hosting a bridal show this Sunday, January 17th. Follow this link for more details.

I considered going, but ended up making other plans instead. Besides, there are not many vendors we have left to book (DJ and baker), so I didn't feel that I needed to go. However, I am disappointed to miss the exhibit of historic wedding dresses that the UNH Museum is putting on to complement the bridal show.

As an historian and museum professional, I love when modern things give a nod to the past and historic things insert themselves into the present. In fact, the day after Justin and I were "informally engaged" (said we wanted to marry each other, but no ring & formal proposal), I worked my job at a local historical society and remember being so pleased to sit and look at the 1899 wedding dress on display there.

You can read more about the wedding dress exhibit at this weekend's bridal show here and here.

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