Monday, December 14, 2009

The Bridesmaid Dresses

Oh, J. Crew, how I love you so. I can never afford your clothes, but I love to look at them and get ideas. And for something like my wedding, spring for the expensive stuff!

Some of you may remember that my dress came from J. Crew's wedding line. Well, they also carry a shorter version, which I've selected for my bridesmaids and one groomswoman. Behold the Sophia short in "Mediterranean Blue:"

However, this style of dress gives a little extra cleavage at the top and in case the girls might not be comfortable with that, I gave them the option of choosing one of the other styles in the same fabric and color.

I like all four dresses so I think they'll look good together if that's what anyone decides to do. I'm pleased with these dresses as I think they're reasonably priced (the Cecelia's the only one over $200 and at $225, it's not much over) and genuinely wearable. And I think my b-maids and groomswoman are happy with them, too!

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