Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Testing, testing . . .

Tonight's project in our kitchen is "Make your Own Sea Glass Candy!" I saw this recipe in a blog post at Intimate Weddings (photo above from same post). At the time, I thought right away that it might be a great idea for our wedding favors. Our favors will be presented in small galvanized favor pails (like these at Beau Coup for $0.80 a pop for the quantity we need, or these at Wedding Favors Unlimited at just $0.51 each!).

I had planned to fill the favor pails with chocolate sea shells or maybe salt water taffy or some other "beachy" candy. However, assuming our practice recipe comes out well tonight, I think lovely sea glass candy would be perfect!

I'm making two batches tonight (one red & cinnamon flavored, one green & peppermint flavored) for a Yankee swap at Justin's aunt's house on Christmas Eve. At present, we're waiting for the candy to cool to the right degree of brittle so we can whack it with a hammer and break it into small pieces. Will update on how that goes. Keep your fingers crossed!

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