Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fancy Pants Wax Seals

So in my non-wedding planning life, I'm a museum professional. Most of you know this. And in the process of browsing a reproduction 18th century catalog for museum programs, I came across a beautiful wax seal set. And, as those of you who have recently been married or are soon to be know, the "wedding planning brain" is always thinking! "These," I thought to myself, "would be perfect for sealing our invitation envelopes!"

Thus, I ended up ordering a wax seal set, with eight extra wax sticks, from Jas. (18th century shorthand for James) Townsend and Son, Inc. Everything came within a few days and they look great!

Hardwood and pewter seal. I chose the anchor design, for our nautical theme

Lovely dark red wax

The end result should look something like this

I love our invitations, but they're fairly simple, so having this extra nautical/historical touch makes me happy.

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