Friday, December 31, 2010

It's all in the details, part 2

Here's a compilation of some of the details of the reception that I agonized over for months, but made me smile on our wedding day.  The image is big, so feel free to click on it to see it original size.

From the top left corner, in clockwise order: 
  • our sailboat cake topper, purchased from an online favors website, spray painted brown by my husband, and accessorized with a pennant by me
  • our initials for our chairs at the head table
  • wedding or honeymoon photos of my grandparents, tucked into this locket that was pinned to my sister's bouquet, as well as one that was pinned to my own
  • Justin's & my blue shoes, in sync on the dance floor
  • a close-up of our table centerpieces, which featured single white hydrangeas in bottles found on my great-great-aunt's farm in PEI, atop reproduced 1866 maps of Portsmouth Harbor
  • my brother-in-law clinking glasses with Justin's sister during the toasts
  • one of the firepits for s'more making
  • our ceremony flowers & all the bouquets, repurposed as head table decor
  • the seating lists & seating chart (designed on top of a reproduced 1616 map of the New England coast by one of my bridesmaids) on the "greeting table."
I'll have to check on the photo credits & update later - some of these were taken by the photographer & some by friends.  I really like how just looking at these details can give you a pretty good sense of the reception as a whole.  :)

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