Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Joy at the Ceremony (& just before & just after)

Continuing with my series o' joy, here are some of the big smiley moments from the ceremony, plus a little before & a little after.

My mom's friend Linda, upon sighting me & my entourage walking towards the church.

Our groomsman Adam's awesome girlfriend Molly, who I had only met a few times before the wedding, but ended up being a do-anything, help-everywhere superhero.

My sister & bridesmaids and our minister, sporting big grins as my littlest nephew speeds down the aisle towards them.  :)

These two go together.  :)  I forgot exactly what our minister said to prompt the wave from Justin's nephew (below), but I remember how smiley & happy it made us.  See, just look at us (above)!

This is around the time that our minister extemporized a bit about the particular challenges that an introvert (Justin) & an extrovert (Stacey) have in their relationship.  Because we both so very stereotypically embody those definitions, the whole congregation cracked up.  As did we.

I like to make big smiley faces at Justin to get him to lighten up sometimes.  That is not what is happening here.  We're both simply giggle-grinning with joy, just after being pronounced husband & wife and smooching.

I love our smiles in this pic, but even more, I love looking at all the loving faces around us, also smiling joyfully.

A lovely hug with my sister in the church mansion hallway.

The whole dang wedding party, arrayed along the awesome oval staircase.  Check out those grins!  :)

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