Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Joy at the After Party

I want to start a new series of posts chronicling what I consider one of the most important aspects of a wedding - the joy. Those wide smiles & bright eyes that you get when you're marrying the love of your life, or laughing at an old friend's joke, or belting out a cheesy 80s song - all things that happened at my wedding.

I probably won't have the discipline to go in chronological order, so I'm going to randomly start near the end, at the after-party that my parents hosted in their hotel suite. I find that I can't look at these photos without smiling, even 5½ months later. The photos are captioned for your edification (sometimes it's important to know the person in the picture is an old friend!). Enjoy!

(L-R) Adam (groomsman & SBF - "shared best friend"), Brad (my friend from Prince Edward Island who I've known since I was 13 years old), me.

Foreground: Me & Andrew, best man & another SBF. Middle ground: Justin. Background: my parents & Dave, one of their old friends. This was during the 80s sing-along & yes, Andrew is rocking the air guitar.

My lovely friends Monica & Kate, met 7 years ago while studying in Scotland. They're giggling after doing an wild, limbs-waving impression of lobsters boiling in the pot.

Me & my mother, laughing about something.

Andrew, Justin, me, Adam. Adam's birthday was the day after our wedding, so at midnight, his lovely girlfriend Molly lured him into the hallway for a cupcake w/ a candle & a rendition of "Happy Birthday."

(L-R): My friend Jim from high school, me, my friend Kate from Scotland. I met these two at different times in my life, but love them both dearly. And they get along really well with each other!

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Andrew said...

yay happiness in smilie-form!

(I think we're dancing in the picture of the two of us -- it looks like air guitar?) :D