Friday, June 18, 2010

2-dress Bride

Never thought I'd be one. I said, "By far, this was the easiest party of wedding planning for me." Then, I had a bit of size and color drama. THEN, that got sorted and I said, "While still knocking on wood, I think I can safely say that the dress drama is pretty much over."

However, never say never, right? After all that, something was just not quite right about my dress. I tried it on and tried it on and never felt that "wow" feeling. I didn't expect fireworks, but I wanted to look in the mirror and say, "Oh, I love it!"

Then one day, I tried it on and was experimenting with the length a bit. I pulled the hem up to about knee-length and went, "Oh, I love it!" So, after a four-hour round trip drive to the J. Crew in Chestnut Hill during rush hour, I returned the long dress and ordered the bridesmaid version (i.e. knee-length, above) in ivory. It came shortly thereafter and it's perfect. :)

I took the tags off and had it pressed last week, so there's no going back now! Dress drama - managed.*

*A poor allusion to the phrase you use to clear the Marauder's Map (from 'arry Potter, of course).

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