Wednesday, June 9, 2010


So it turns out that attempting to plan a wedding and work four jobs and mourn a grandfather and celebrate family birthdays and graduations and attempt to keep up with three blogs . . . means something's gotta give. In this case, it was the blogs, clearly. Which I guess is fitting. All of those other things are much more important.

However, we're now 17 days out and I want to be more involved! More with the writing of the wedding details! So as an apology and a way to ease back in, here is a small selection of my bridal shower pics, only about five weeks late. ;)

I was surprised! I really was, despite having a
general suspicion that it was coming any day now . . . .

My friend since I was 4, Christie. She's pregnant now (hard to tell,
since she's such a skinny minny) and due with a boy in November!

My best friend/bridesmaid Rachel and one of my second mothers, her mom Lana

My best friend/bridesmaid Lissa and my sister/matron of honor Kristen. My sister did so much work for the shower, despite having two little boys and being really busy at work then. I can't thank her enough.

My wonderful mum, who worked very hard on the shower, too. She gave us a lovely quilt that belonged to my grandmother. Sniff.

They made me wear a floral crown thing. I hammed it up!

Our yummy cake!

With my bow bouquet (and my friend Marla's
bunny ears!) after the gifts were opened

Thank you to all the lovely ladies who attended and those who worked hard to make it happen! My grandfather passed just six days later, but we were able to carve this happy time out of our busy schedules and I know he was glad for that.

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