Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wedding Planning Update

Days until our wedding: approximately 291 (I think that's right, but I can't be arsed to tot them all up again).

Guests on the A list: 203

Guests on the B list: 35 (ish)

Blog posts about the wedding: 16 (now 17)

Buckets of sand stolen from Canadian beaches for reception decoration: 2 (don't tell Parks Canada on me!)

Wedding nightmares thus experienced: 2 (in both cases, the wedding day was here & we were woefully under prepared)

Contracts signed: 1 (venue)

Photographers met, liked, and soon to be booked: 1

Dresses bought: 1

Pairs of shoes fallen in love with & budgeted for, but yet to be bought: 1

I think we're doing ok. :)

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