Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Save the Dates!

So after much hemming & hawing, I finally ordered our Save the Date postcards! Justin's away this week, but we tweaked the design together last week and I placed the order on Saturday. According to the 123Print website, they should be delivered on Thursday, the 24th, which is our 1-year anniversary. That has to be a good omen somehow, right?

The front of the postcard is a picture we took on vacation to PEI (after writing the info & date in the sand, of course). While I'm happy to be having our wedding in Portsmouth, I always kinda wanted to get married on the Island. However, it helps to have some details in the wedding that remind me of PEI.

The back of the card - anonymized, of course. I bought a font that I love from My Fonts & will use those for the labels. Then, I'll make a trip to the post office this week to buy 100 of the prettiest $0.28 stamps I can find! Well, with some exceptions for the cards going to Scotland, Canada, and Ireland.

I'm really excited to send them out, as they're the first official notice of our wedding. I'm also really happy with them, because we personalized them, then got a good price for someone else to print them. Win-win!

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jessica lynn said...

cute!!! i am sure that your guests will love them!