Friday, July 24, 2009

The Ones?

Three months ago, if you had asked me the wedding detail that I would have blogged about most at this point, I would have gone for venue or centerpieces. I would not would have said shoes. ;) However, here's another shoe post and this time I think I've really found "the ones."

After I decided the Rock & Republic shoes were not right for me, the shoe search was back on. I really want blue shoes, which are not so easy to find in ordinary shoe stores - online or otherwise. So I found a couple of companies that sell dyeable shoes. I don't even remember how now, but I stumbled across Dyeable Shoe Company, located right in Portsmouth, NH (where we live!).

Their website is a little basic, but it's easily searchable and I quickly found a style that I loved. It's from the brand Touch Ups, who make - obviously! - dyeable shoes. Anyway, I fell in love with this style, the Sharmain.

Can you picture these lovelies in royal blue? Because I can and I'm loving the image. I like how simple, but fun this style is. It's elegant without being a boring old shoe.

After ogling the Sharmain for awhile and daydreaming about it in blue, I happened to be sorting through some of the many, many wedding-related JPG's I've been collecting on my computer since we got engaged. And lo and behold - I found the self-same shoes! Apparently, I loved these back on . . . February 25th according to the file properties. ;)


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Emphemerella said...

I love them! they're very you. :)