Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Indie Photo Booth

Who doesn't love a photo booth? A dear friend had one at her upstate New York wedding last summer & it was awesome. They stocked the booth with a basket of fun props (feather boas, funny hats, etc.) & it was the hit of the night (see exhibit A - my friends & I above. I'm the one in the Viking hat in the first pic).

So I decided I wanted one for my wedding. But wanting doesn't make it so, does it? When I started doing research on the cost, I failed to find a booth for rent in New England for under $850. This, unfortunately, is way above what I was hoping to pay, even if it would be awesome.

However, the saving grace? My newfound wedding DIY-ness! If we can't have an official, mechanical photo booth, why not DIY one up with the help of the interwebs? Sparked by this post at Becoming Mrs. McHugh, I started dreaming of pulling together a fun, homemade space for people to take goofy pics.

Our reception will be under a large 40' x 80' tent, but the venue also throws in the use of smaller 10' x 10' tents for whatever we need them for. I'm hoping that I can designate one of these as the "photo booth," enclose the sides with fun fabric, set up a table with some ebay-netted Polaroids & my old digital camera (with timer & mini tripod), and . . . voila! Indie photo booth extraordinaire!

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