Friday, August 6, 2010

Inter-Generational Fun

As my father said in his toast, one of the most important things to us was that our wedding be about family, friends, and fun. While I completely understand why some people don't invite children to their weddings, that option was never on the table for us. My nephews (who served as our ring bearers) are 2 and 4 and we have many young cousins who we wanted there with us on our special day.

One of the benefits of seeing the wedding photographer's photos is that it helps me to see what people were doing when I was off doing something else. I keep saying, "Oh, I'm glad so-and-so danced! I must have missed that." or "Yay - those two are talking without fighting!" And one of the things that made me happy was to see how different generations enjoyed themselves.

From the very small,

to young cousins and nephews,

to medium-sized cousins,

to college friends,

And the older generation . . .

everyone, in every generation, seemed to find something that was fun for them. And as I've said before, isn't that the point? Sure, your wedding day is about you and your spouse and the vows that you're saying to each other. But it's also (perhaps even more so) about the love that your family members and friends have for you and for each other. What a wonderful thing to celebrate!

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