Saturday, April 24, 2010

Licensed to Wed

Yup, yesterday morning, we headed up to Portsmouth City Hall to get ourselves licensed to wed. It's patently less exciting than it sounds, as it just involves showing IDs and filling out some forms, but I took photos anyway.

Justin loves me, but thinks I am quite silly

Hadn't had my coffee yet, but still oddly chipper

Awwwww. I bet we annoyed the shiz out of the people there to renew their dog licenses.

This is a horrid picture of us, but it's the only one with us,
Portsmouth City Hall (or "TSMOUTH Y HALL"), and the marriage license

Not a bad view from our city hall

And, Justin's first trip to Ceres Bakery afterwards. A momentous day!

1 comment:

Andrew said...

WHAAAAA? BAD JUSTIN! A whole year in P'mouth without discovering the crack that is Ceres?!

Granted, they are located right behind BNG, which makes it significantly easier for me to overdose on them...gah. Miss. (N)Ostalgia.