Friday, April 9, 2010

Book of Guests, or Guestbook

So our guest book came in the mail the week before last and I'm so happy with it! I ordered it from Sushi Papercraft on Etsy, who is based in Edmonton, Alberta. Hence, a pretty awesome package, complete with air mail stickers and a customs declaration on the reverse:

And here is the guest book! There are better photos of it in the original listing, but I like this shot that I took of it right out of the wrapping. It's actually a journal, but will work perfectly for a guest book - it's filled with lined pages and has a lovely coptic stich on the binding, which allows it to lay flat on a table.

Now, I have nothing against the kind of guestbook I've seen more traditionally at weddings. You know which one I mean - they usually look like this. To each his/her own. However, this is much more us. :)

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