Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Little Lightness

OK, enough with all the heavy stuff. ;) You people need pictures!  The above is one of my very favorite photos from our honeymoon. Just look at the cute grin on my then-new husband's face. I guess I should probably explain why we were eating on the floor on the first night of our honeymoon . . .

After a 5+ hour drive up to Montreal, we were a little tired once we arrived at the hotel, unpacked, and started thinking about dinner options. We had a bottle of red wine waiting in our room thanks to our friends Sarah, Sam, and Marla (thanks, guys!), but were debating over where to eat. Then, just as I was getting overwhelmed with the choices, the heavens opened & it started pissing down rain.

Relieved, we flipped to the take-out menu section.  Lo & behold, there was/is an Ethiopian restaurant in Montreal!  My friend introduced me to Ethiopian food in New York years ago.  Turns out - in a weird twist of fate for a girl who could happily eat cold, plain pasta 24/7 - I love me some Ethiopian cuisine.

So order it we did & when it came, we realized that the room was not well set up for dining.  However, we are not ones to stand on ceremony (we got engaged in our pjs, remember?), so we set up camp on the floor & happily dug in. And that's how it happened that my new husband & I ate dinner with our hands, on the floor, on the first night of our honeymoon. It was awesome.

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