Thursday, March 3, 2011


3 days after I said wedding vows to the love of my life & danced the night away with beloved family & friends, 2 days after I took a post-wedding cruise around Portsmouth Harbor with my husband, parents, and dear friends, 1 day after my new husband & I packed up and drove north across the Canadian border to start our honeymoon . . . I sat on a Montreal hotel bed and sobbed.

Why? Still not 100% sure, but the best guess is that the stress, excitement, and life-changing-ness of the wedding finally hit me and I needed some release. Luckily, I married an amazing man, who sat with me, soothed me, and didn't push me to just get over it & enjoy the honeymoon.  I did, eventually, get over it and enjoy the honeymoon, but I needed that time to just acknowledge how HUGE a thing a wedding is. 

And, I needed to know that I wasn't alone in my reaction. Thanks again, Team Practical, for helping us understand our weddings, warts & all.

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