Saturday, February 5, 2011

Keeping It Real

One of the things that was most important to us when we were planning the wedding was that it reflect us and how we are all the time, not just on this one, particular, OMG-super-special-and-important day.  And I do love some of the formal, posed shots, like these:

Justin, his mom, and his youngest sister
My sister and two best friends
Justin and me
Me with my lovely bridesmaids
Just after the ceremony, in front of the church (before everyone else spilled out)
Posed shot on the church's amazing oval staircase

Kissing on command by a tree in the state park where the reception site was
Streams of sunset light!
But, it's the unplanned, unpredicted, wonderfully random shots that really get me.  The ones that so often happen just out of the view of the photographer's lens.  Luckily though, we had a ninja professional photographer and two great amateur photographers in our best man & groomsman's girlfriend, so we caught a lot more of those moments that I thought would be humanly possible!  Like these:
The bride & groom, pre-ceremony, just hanging out in their apartment.  I was totally giving him shit for the black feather that our best man tucked into his hat & thought I wouldn't notice (you can see the feather in my hands, actually).
Cannot for the life of me remember what I was demonstrating to my bridesmaid, but love this shot.
Hugging my soon-to-be mother-in-law!
This is when we looked over and noticed that our old broken microwave (which we forgot to throw out before the wedding party descended on our apartment) was being used to prop open the outside door.  This was very funny to us for some reason.
Goofy face!
A groomsman with my bouquet.  Yeah, he's comfortable with bending gender roles.
My sweet sister-in-law/flower girl, laughing up at her mother.
A quick goodbye kiss before the boys headed down the street to the church.
My little monkey nephews, checking out a game on my brother-in-law's phone on our apartment building's front steps.
Well, SOMEONE had to lock the apartment before we left for the church!
Off we go!  I love the tiny sneaker you can see there between my calves - that's my littlest nephew, walking with his mama!
Someone's peeking!
The best man, groomswoman, and groomsman, goofing around between professional shots on the staircase.
Smiley bridesmaids!
Totally laughing at my mother for having whipped out her colorful reading glasses for her scripture reading.
A kiss from an old friend.
Poor Molly was very patient with Andrew..  ;)
My husband is surprise-attacking his friends with our umbrella (not visible).  Why?  Who knows?  Good thing he's cute.
Yay for sisters and best friends who get along!
This is my "I think I can do these rocks in high heels, but can I grab your arm for a little support just-in-case?" pose.
Necking during our last dance song.
The location & composition of the shot were posed;  the expressions were not.
Mmmm - even brides need a snack!
See?  :)
Our best man's infamous inside joke during the toast.  The person with his back turned and the two grinning people are the only ones who get it.
Another kiss from an old friend, and a new husband looking on with love.
In order to make the posed photos look better, the photographer made me share some of my cava with Justin so our glasses were even!  I was not amused.  ;)
No pressure in case you DO fall on those rocks in high heels, though, bride.  You only have the photographer's camera behind you and four others trained on you, as well!
A little adjustment before the fancy shots.
I was trying to smoosh frosting on his nose, but he's too quick for me.
A sweet moment caught between my best friend/bridesmaid and her boyfriend/our usher.
J and his college friends.

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