Monday, February 15, 2010

Invitations - Check!

The invitations - they have been ordered! After months of thinking about these and saving designs to my 123 Print & Invitation Consultant accounts, I finally bit the bullet and ordered them yesterday.

We'd like to get them in the mail by March 19th (3 months and 1 week before the wedding), so I want them in the door well before that in case of any issues and to give us time to address them! So ordered they have been and they should arrive at the end of February or the beginning of March.

Here they are, with anonymization where appropriate.

The main invitation - dark blue, simple & clean, with a sweet sailboat at the top

The RSVP card - I did these through 123 Print, but used the sailboat image from the main invitation to match them. I think (hope) the RSVP design is clear for wedding guests.

The front of the enclosure card - the sailboat logo again & the link to our wedding website. After spending lots of time filling that site with helpful content, I hope people use it!

And the back of the enclosure card - a Google map of the route between the church & the reception site. The two are only about four miles apart, but it never hurts to supply people with more information when it comes to directions!

Our guest list includes 103 households, which means we couldn't order sets of 100 for everything. I think we ended up ordering 125 main invites, 125 RSVP cards, and 150 enclosure cards. In the end, that works out fine, because it's good to have extras in case we mess any up & I wanted some extra maps to leave out for guests at the church. Now, fingers are crossed that the invites will be printed properly & error-free when they arrive!

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