Sunday, November 22, 2009

"The Thing that Started it All"

Also known as, my ring. For about eleven months now, this beauty has graced my left hand and I've been meaning to take some close-up photos of it for the same amount of time. This afternoon, the sun was shining in the window and I took advantage of it!

I used a lot of the tips in this article, posted by a photographer on Wedding Bee Pro. She suggests some good common sense tips like photographing in good natural light, using the macro setting on your camera, and not using the flash in order to get more detail. She also suggested shooting your ring on various interesting backgrounds/foundations. I took her advice and you can judge for yourself how they turned out. Here are my five favorites:

I think part of the fun was finding neat things to place the ring on. The top two, as you can guess, are mussel shells (collected at the beach with Justin and our best man over the summer). Then, a mini pumpkin we bought for Halloween, a mini globe that decorates our desk, and a pewter plate from an award I won in college. They all proved neat surfaces that helped show off the ring.

As for the ring itself, my honey picked it out himself at a local jewelry shop last winter. It's an estate piece and the appraiser estimated it to be from the late 1940s to early 1950s. My grandmother, who was married in 1950, had a very similar ring, so that makes sense to me. I think the side stones really add to the sparkle. I feel very lucky to have such a beautiful piece of jewelry with a bit of a history.

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