Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Free Wedding Cake for the Military

Now, before I post this, I feel I should clarify that I'm not an "Army wife" by the normal standards of this role. I barely consider myself a military (soon-to-be) wife at all. Justin serves in the National Guard and until we received news of his deployment next year and this year's increased training schedule, the military only affected me about one weekend a month.

However, my family has a history of military service (both of my grandfathers and my brother-in-law served) and I've always been grateful for the sacrifices of American soldiers, whether or not I agreed with their military mission. And so, I wanted to note something I saw on the site DC Nearlyweds. A DC-area bakery has offered a free wedding cake to a member of the armed services serving in the DC metro area. I think this is a great way to help support service members - take something stressful like their wedding
and make it just a little easier (and cheaper!).

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