Monday, August 10, 2009

Gaining Some Perspective

So one day last week, I was having a bad day. Justin was still away & I was missing him. I'd also had a lazy day, which often makes me feel a bit guilty. Around 8pm, I headed out to the grocery store, but decided to take a short detour out to the coast to catch a breeze & feel like I'd gotten out of the house. I ended up driving over to the site of the reception*, realizing that I hadn't yet been there in the summertime.

The state park was closed, but I was able to park my car outside the gate (don't tell the parks department!) & walk over to the reception tent to check it out. My assessments?

  • The view = gorgeous
  • The tent = good sized, clean, elegant
  • The support poles = metal but not so very ugly
  • Existing lights = lanterns & string lights already there! These might come with it? Will check with coordinator
  • Paper lantern hanging options = inner poles!
  • Mosquitoes = bad! Must do something about this
  • Again, view = gorgeous!
My apologies for the short, bulleted post, but it's hard to describe the feeling of relief & joy I felt in getting to see the site around the time of year when the wedding will be. The sun was setting over a nearby cove, while the moon was rising over the open ocean. It was lovely and it made me so happy & excited for the wedding. Sometime, it's nice to get a little perspective.

*I realize I still owe you a post about the actual location. Will write as soon as possible!

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