Tuesday, June 21, 2011

To quote our friend Spencer . . .

"Everybody's gettin' married."  :)  To wit:
  • Four of my college friends are getting married over the summer (two to each other!).
  • The best man at our wedding and his boyfriend got engaged in April.
  • One of the couples we stayed with in Scotland got engaged the weekend after we went home (also in April).
  • One of my dear college friends and his equally awesome girlfriend got engaged in May, which was followed (the same night) by a surprise engagement party.  So much fun!  
  • And one of my grad school friends got engaged to her boyfriend last week!
How lovely, all of it.  With my own anniversary coming up this weekend (I promise a longer post about our irregular first year of marriage), it's so nice to hear of dear friends also taking the plunge.  Turns out, marriage is a freaking HUGE thing and harder than it looks.  This year has taught me that, if anything.  But in the end, it's so very, very worth it and it makes me feel all fuzzy inside to think of beloved friends diving in themselves. 

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