Saturday, October 31, 2009

Lost Soldiers

So our Save the Dates mailed successfully the final week of September. They seem to have been a big hit, based on the responses we've gotten so far, which is great!

However, we have gotten two poor little lost soldiers returned to us. On one, the postal service marked "Address Unknown - Return to Sender." Hmmm. The address was one that was sent to me in an email by the intended recipient, so I'm unclear on how that works.

Another was sent back to us in a body bag. I went to the foyer to get the mail one day and found this:

A plastic bag with one of our STDs inside (hehe). As you can see from the photos, the portion of the postcard that had the address had been ripped off in one of the post office sorting machines. But, they cared enough to send it back with a bag saying that they cared. However, I haven't seen any reimbursement for the $0.75 stamp that ended up wasted as a result. Thanks, USPS!

Luckily, since the stamp was a seventy-five center, I knew the card was intended for one of our Canadian guests. So I emailed them all to see if they'd received theirs and one of them hadn't. In a funny coincidence, it was the card intended for a friend I used to date that didn't make it, which Justin thought was providential. ;) However, we sent him a new one and all's well in our Save the Date world.

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